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 Shops at Fallen Timbers - 2200 Maple Street, Suite 300, Maumee OH 43537 - also- 5055 Glendale Ave. Toledo OH 43614   |      419-385-1000 (Both Schools)  

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For Friendly Help, Call Our Office at:

We can also be reached via Email at:

Martial Arts Center Maumee
2200 Maple Street Suite 300
Maumee, Ohio 43537
- Shops at Fallen Timbers
- Across from P.F. Changes






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Sample Talks: These talks were recorded live on the mats at our dojo.

Podcast The Five Ways (9.34MB) Play Download

Podcast UFC Karate Kid (26.4MB) Play Download

(please be patient as this talk takes a few moments to begin)

These talks were recorded live at our school of martial arts in Maumee Ohio and relate directly to the practice of Martial Arts and the philosophy taught at our dojo.

Did you know? - Sensei Hurtsellers also hosts an internet radio show for anyone; Martial Arts student or not?.

Sensei Hurtsellers hosts a podcast called "mindpower". "mindpower" is designed to be a motivational talk based on much of the self development material Sensei Hurtsellers studies on a daily basis. There are over 70 episodes currently available online.

While this podcast is not directly related to the Martial Arts taught in our dojo, it is a wonderful shot of motivation and inspiration for anyone - martial arts student or not! Sensei Hurtsellers draws on over thirty years of teaching and study to share powerful stories and principles to inspire listeners to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Here is a sample episode:

To subscribe with any device or listen to more episodes go to: