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 Shops at Fallen Timbers - 2200 Maple Street, Suite 300, Maumee OH 43537 - also- 5055 Glendale Ave. Toledo OH 43614   |      419-385-1000 (Both Schools)  

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  What is the schedule and what ages are taught?
  Where are we located?
  What's the facility look like?
  What styles do we teach?
  What does our tuition cost?
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For Friendly Help, Call Our Office at:

We can also be reached via Email at:

Martial Arts Center Maumee
2200 Maple Street Suite 300
Maumee, Ohio 43537
- Shops at Fallen Timbers
- Across from P.F. Changes






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When are the classes? What styles do we teach? What is the cost?  
Where are we located? How do I get started?

(Our dojo is just 25 minutes from downtown BG.)

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The most important thing to realize about any Martial Art program is whether it is right for you? No matter how good the instructor, no matter how many medals or awards the school has won, the question still remains - do you feel comfortable there?

No one can answer for you - but we think we've created something pretty special. We've created a dojo that preserves much of the high standard that belt the reputation of Black Belt from many years ago. At the same time we've created a culture that is warm, friendly and inviting.

We believe that Martial Arts, and particularly Martial Arts rank is not an ends in itself; they are simply a means to an end. This means that we really care about your ability to focus, to be fit, to learn to defend yourself and become all that you can be. We hope that our program is the tool that helps you get where you'd like to go in life.

I want to personally invite you to explore our site in greater depth. Start by looking at our Overview page, and then dig deeper as you see fit. You'll find everything here, including our schedule, our tuition, and the styles that influence our teaching.

Good luck on your search, and thanks for looking at our site.

When are the classes? What styles do we teach? What is the cost?  
Where are we located? How do I get started?