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Martial Arts Center Maumee
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Team Karoshi - Our MMA Team (for latest event results scroll down.)

For General Information on Our Team and Program Click Here.

Team Radio Interviews

About us: (For video and pictures events we've participated in scroll down.)

Just like any sports team, to be part of Team Karoshi, there are stringent requirements. To find out more about how you can make an application to be accepted into this group click here.

Team Karoshi is has been created out of a group of some of the finest amateur and professional athletes in the state of Ohio.  We have created a team that is of the highest caliber technically - ferocious fighters who, while being tremendous athletes, still represent themselves in the spirit of respect, courtesy and discipline that is the hallmark of true Martial Arts! We recognize it is important that we win; but it is equally important that we win in a way that brings honor to our art and our sport.

Below is a direct window to our Facebook page. Team Karoshi is a community where event information, pictures, and news are posted from our fighters and fans alike.

Below are some pictures and video from previous events. For current event information and pictures Team Karoshi's Facebook page above.

Older News:

4/21/11 David Blattman wins with a first round TKO in Findlay! Not only was it a terrific win against a good fighter but David was also awarded the events "Knock out of the Knight" award! (Picture Below and Video to soon follow.) - Just out of the shot is Justin Edwards of TV's "Ultimate Fighter" cornering David's partner.

David Blattman Wins his MMA bout in Findlay

2/19/11: Milo Roberts big win in Adrian - Congratulations to Milo Roberts going 3 and 1 with a big win in the second round with a standing guillotine!

Team Karoshi returns with some big wins and great competition. Brief video of Milo Roberts and Coach Widmer bouts available by clicking here.

Recent wins posted by: Milo Roberts (a three round decision), Zach Sumner (a blazing faDast first round TKO), Rudy Lopez (with an arm bar in round three)
Also representing Team Karoshi: ChrisPickett in his first MMA bought, Coach Widmer in His first pro fight, and pro Matt Young

Scroll Down for a few pictures and videos of a few of our past and current team members.

Mike Widmer after an MMA win

mma pic 1



Dan MacMurray


November 28 News: Team Karoshi goes 3 and 0! Big first round wins by Mike Widmer, Jimmy Davenport, and a third round submission title fight by Dan McMurray!!! ( check out all three videos below)
mma pic 3  
3 and 0 winners from left to right: Jimmy Davenport, 
Dan McMurray and Mike Widmer

Pictures from all the fighters check out this link:

Just in!!: Fresh Video of Dan's Title Fight as well as Coach Widmer's and Jimmy's win!
This is a video of Dan's big day. The video doesn't do it justice; I was sitting at the apron of the cage and I can tell you the entire cage was shaking on every single knee strike!!! - Sensei (With some luck more video of other fighters coming soon!)

September News: Chad Keller wins in 10 seconds with one strike and a quick guillotine finish! 

Here's a play by play from Mr. Gary Hughes:

Sempai: Chad Keller is a bad man!!!!! I know you've heard but I have to tell ya, It was 10 seconds of awesome !  At the bell they met in the center of the cage, Chad had his right foot forward when they met so he threw a picture perfect straight left cross and his opponent ran right into it !!  This punch looked like it would have knocked out King Kong and the guy ate it on the nose and chin. It looked like he was out but his momentum took him to what looked like a take down attempt. Chad had him in a guillotine instantly and dropped to the floor and locked it up. The guy tapped right away. Awesome!

Dan did a great job of warming Chad up before the fight, He had a light film of sweat all over but he he wasn't dripping in sweat. (perfect warm up). His opponent came in cold. (no sweat). Chad comes in the ring with a six pack (abs), and looking very much in shape, and only we knew how much in shape he really was. VERY COOL ! Towards the end of the event they called Dan and his next opponent to the ring to announce their fight next month. That poor man had a look of doubt on his face standing next to the much bigger Dan MC. So we saw it all,the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was a riot for sure ! Tell ya the details when I see ya. Everyone knows when Ohio Martial Arts Center comes to town , there is going to be some great fights, Good job team !!  Have a great vacation.

Congrats to Rudy Lopez, Mike Widmer, and Pro - Marcus Widmer: All three with fantastic wins!

**Our special thanks to Mr. Scott Sheely from "Team Iron Tiger" for his expert coaching and cornering. Mr. Sheely is beyond question an encyclopedia of MMA skill and knowledge having trained with and fought against some of the biggest and best names in the MMA world. We are truly blessed to know you and stand in absolute appreciation for the expertise you have brought and continue to bring to the fighters!!**

Best Moment: (After Mr. Marcus's quick dismantling of his competitor in his first pro win) Dan MacMurray lifting him up and carrying him around in celebration; and the thought we were all having: "We know Mr. Marcus can keep himself safe in the cage, but can he survive Dan's excitement!"

More details and Pics to follow soon!

mma pic 2

"The Big Three" After their wins: (From left to right) Mike Widmer, Rudy Lopez, and Marcus Widmer

Thanks Dan for being such a great competitor, role model, and Martial Artist in the truest sense of the word! - More details soon!

MONDAY, MAY 11, 2009

This is a repeat of the information already posted on our blog.

Congratulations to all fighters!

We just got back from Ground and Pound's fight night held Saturday night. We are incredibly proud of all of our fighters!! We are also proud of the job GPP productions did with the event from top to bottom. Great attitudes, great spirit, and a ton of fun for everyone!!

Here is a rundown of the our competitors and the results:

Dan McMurray: Dan was relaxed and easy the whole day before the fight; confident and poised. Bell rings Dan comes out and it's almost like Dan can't miss. Every shot he throws is accurate and on point. His competitor has great defensive skills, tries to get into a clinch but Dan controls him there too. Towards the end of the first round Dan goes on a run of hitting him with one punch after another and the referee wisely steps in and gives Dan the TKO!

Best Quotes:
Dan's Partner - “**** that guy is so strong!”
Dan's Partner - “I'm so glad you're a nice guy cause I would have hated getting beat like that if you were an ass.”

Dan: “You know what fired me up? I looked over there and I saw Dan Kissling, I know Dan's never going to be an MMA fighter, but he came out to support me, that really inspired me, I knew I was going to beat my guy in front of Dan.”

Dan: “Clickity-Clack”